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Tire Spikes

Traffic Control Spikes

Ideal for parking & traffic control, tire spikes control traffic direction and protect one-way trafic flow.


Custom & Prefab Booths and Building Structures

Security &
Guard Booths

Industries use various terms, but whether called a guard booth or security booth they are the nucleus for monitoring and controlling site security at the access control point. With a heightened demand for multipurpose security peripherals throughout a campus, guard booths are the epicenter for managing a facility’s perimeter security. Having built booths for government, military, commercial and private applications we have the knowledge and experience you require.

Guard & Security Booths Gallery

Parking &
Attendant Booths

Parking booths require a high-level of functionality at the doors and transaction windows. Ameristar has mastered these areas by installing durable high quality hardware to withstand the level of abuse encountered by these applications. Our prefab parking booths are manufactured using superior construction processes and materials, allowing them to withstand the elements for many years with little to no maintenance.

Parking & Attendant Booths Gallery

Ticket, Toll &
Cashier Booths

Toll booths are structures that encounter some of the harshest elements. With the high demand for keeping its attendants comfortable as well has balancing functionality, Ameristar toll booths are manufactured to out perform the demand under high traffic volumes.

Cashier, Ticket & Toll Booths Gallery

Single Source Physical Security

The trusted security products experts to help you secure your entire perimeter.

Entry Barriers

Entry Barriers

Active vehicle barriers are quickly becoming necessary to protect your facilities access control points. Whether you need a wedge barrier, beam barrier, crash bar barrier or barrier gate we have it.

High Security Fencing

High-Security Fencing

Perimeter security begins with high-security fencing. Our Stalwart and Impasse lines are the only fencing products in the world certified by the SAFETY Act by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Security Bollards

Security Bollards

We have fixed, removable and retractable security bollards available. These bollards are U.S. Department of State crash-tested and offer superior protection against vehicle-based attacks.

Security Gate Systems

Security Gate Systems

Our gate entry systems include everything you need including a high-security perimeter gate and one of our vast selection of automatic gate operators.